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Hardware and cloud agnostic operational IoT with the fastest time-to-market

Cloud of Things is an IoT connected products management solution that enables its customers to connect any device to any cloud. We solve the need for flexible, universal IoT solutions that span across multiple vendors.

Supporting leading IoT standards

Collaborating with industry-leading companies

Today’s IoT standardization and implementation challenges

Manufacturers and suppliers face a major technological challenge when considering the implementation of an IoT solution. Today’s choice of end-to-end IoT solutions lack interoperability and agility. As a result, manufacturers rely heavily on single vendor solutions and experience lock-in.

The flexibility to choose multiple IoT hardware solutions and the possibility to easily direct IoT messaging from any device to any cloud using any analytics engine unlocks IoT initiatives that are delayed due to long decision processes.

Bringing Agility to the Internet of Things

  • Fully Secure

  • Manageable

    FOTA Remote Management

  • Interoperable

    IoT Standards Agnostic

  • Portable

    IoT Cloud Agnostic
    Patent-pending cloud switch

  • Hardware Agnostic

    runs on any multi thread OS

Cloud of Things is a connected products management solution that includes a hardware-agnostic, low-footprint embedded firmware package for embedded Linux, Espressif and other chipsets and a Docker®-based cloud backend.

The firmware includes patent-pending, UART-based rapid IoT-enablement capabilities for existing PCBs, support for all major IoT standards and CloudSwitch™ technology to connect the device to any IoT cloud.

Our cloud backend is an infrastructure-agnostic, Docker® based and scalable IoT device management cloud that works seamlessly with external IoT clouds such as Microsoft® Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT and IBM Watson IoT, and with select CRM systems.

Embedded firmware package

The embedded device firmware package supports the leading IoT standards: AllJoyn, IoTivity and Google Weave and includes our CloudSwitch™ technology stack, enabling the device to communicate with select IoT clouds.

Our patented low-footprint firmware supports many existing chipsets and circuit boards, making it hardware agnostic to most devices, whether they’re IoT-enabled or not.

Connected Products Management backend

The Cloud of Things backend covers all aspects of connected product management needs, from a device repository to tracking, lifecycle management and analytics.

The cloud platform is built from the ground up using Docker®, enabling superior security, automatic version updates and complete flexibility in deployment.


  • David Chouraqui


    Co-founder of a global system integration company – Ness Technologies, later traded on Nasdaq: NTSC

  • Eliav Gnessin


    Former CTO R&D at Ness Technologies, Managing Director & CTO at QuantumWave Capital – sell-side M&A investment firm

  • Nir Frosh

    Chief Architect

    Former CTO at Kavado (acq. By ProTegrity) and Droid Security (acq. By AVG)

Advisory board

  • Philip Desautels, PhD

    Senior Director of IoT at the Linux Foundation

    Worldwide industry leader and one of the world’s IoT pioneers. Former CTO of Xively (acq. by LogMeIn)

  • Shachar Efal

    Ness IL, President and CEO at Ness Technologies

    Serial investor and CEO of one of the largest system integrators. A highly regarded IT executive.